The Path Of Easter

Before the photostory, I would just like to say this was supposed to be put up on Easter. I’m really sorry. But, putting that aside, I present to you The Path Of Easter:

“What’s the surprise? What’s the surprise?” Lea bugged Carol. Carol had a surprise for everyone and Lea was dying to know what it was.

“An Easter egg hunt!” Carol replied, “well, sort of. You follow the yarn to each egg and inside each one is something special.”


Then Carol pointed to the beginning of the yarn.


First, the yarn led them downstairs under a black couch.

“I got it!” Lea yelled holding up the egg. Then she opened it.


“A donkey?” Lea, Melody, and Josefina asked, clearly confused.

” Remember the Easter story?” Carol asked, “on the Sunday before Easter, Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem.”


“So the things in the eggs all have to do with the Easter story?” Melody asked.

“Exactly.” Carol answered.


Next the yarn led them under a table.

“There it is!” Melody exclaimed.


Inside the egg were three silver pieces.

” I know what that has to do with Easter,” Josefina said quietly, “it’s when the Roman leaders payed Judas 30 silver pieces to betray Jesus.”


The next egg was found in a cabinet in the kitchen. In the egg was a goblet.

“When Jesus said to eat the bread in remembrance of His body and drink the wine in remembrance of His blood.” Lea said.


The next egg was found was behind a curtain. In it was a pair of praying hands.

“This stands for when Jesus begged God for there to be another way to save us besides dying on the cross.” Carol said, bowing her head a bit.


The next egg held a whip.

“When Jesus was whipped before going on the cross.” Josefina said even quieter than usual.


The next egg had a rooster in it.

“When Peter denied knowing Jesus three times before the rooster crowed, just like Jesus said would happen,” Melody accounted.


The next one was a crown of thorns, it was hidden under another couch.

“This is for when some Roman soilders mocked Jesus by making a crown out of thorns and placing it on Jesus’ head,” Carol said, feeling mad at the soilders and very sorry for Jesus.


The next egg held a cross.

“This stands for when Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins,” said Josefina told everyone. Then they all offered a silent prayer of thanks to Jesus.


The next egg was with some towels.

“It’s a spear,” said Lea.

“It’s to remember when after Jesus died, a Roman soilder pierced Jesus’ side with a sword to make sure He was really dead,” Josefina said.


“Hey, we’re almost done aren’t we?” Melody asked, “but it has to have a happy ending, right? It doesn’t seem like it will right about now.”

Carol smiled. “You’ll just have to wait and see,” she said. She then pointed to a room with a huge bed. “That’s where the yarn leads.”


The egg was in a drawer in the bed.

“It’s a cloth,” Melody said.


“After Jesus died, a guy named Joseph wrapped Jesus’ body in linen cloths and put Jesus in a tomb,” Lea said. The next egg was found behind another curtain.

“It’s a stone,” Josefina said.

“It represents the boulder placed in front of Jesus’ tomb because the Roman leaders didn’t want Jesus’ disciples to steal His body and say that Jesus had risen,” Carol replied.


The very last egg was found in a closet. When they opened it they found……. nothing!

“Nothing?” Lea, Melody, and Josefina asked, confused again.

“Because when the disciples and the ladies went to the tomb, it was empty. Jesus had risen!” Carol said joyfully.


Lea, Melody, and Josefina gave Carol a big hug.

“Thank you for reminding us of the true meaning of Easter,” Melody told Carol.

“I had a lot of fun!” Lea added.

Josefina simply smiled. It had been a perfect Easter!



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