A Grand Adventure

It was a normal day, everyone had something to do – except Lea.

“I’m bored,” she said for the 8th time. “Why do Carol and Lea have to have jobs?”


Just then, Josefina came in from gardening. She had overheard Lea’s complaining and had an idea.                       “How about you explore the house?” She suggested quietly.


“Oh, that sounds fun!” Lea exclaimed excitedly, snapping out of her bad mood. “Thank you so much Josefina!” Josefina blushed.


“Well, let’s get on with our adventure.” Josefina said, smiling.

“Wait, you’re coming too?” asked a surprised Lea.

“Of course I am! Now let’s get going.” Lea and Josefina agreed on going downstairs.


First they went by the front door to look outside.

“Wow, it’s so pretty outside!” Josefina said.


Next they went to the kitchen.

“Wow, there’s so much to explore!” Lea remarked, taking in all there was to see. Josefina looked at the time.


“Carol and Melody should be getting back from their jobs by now,” Josefina said. “We should be going back.” Lea nodded. She was disappointed, but couldn’t wait to tell them about her and Josefina’s grand adventure!



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